Amid the planning and preparations, the collection and ordering of supplies and materials, the frantic texts about what to pack, what to wear, what time we needed to take our malaria pills… the reality that our worlds were going to change was slowly starting to hit us. Prior to our flight out, Spark Ventures had requested that the team from LPP submit some pre-arrival videos to capture our excitement and range of emotions about the journey. These questions might be in line with the ones you have as a reader, and so I’ve included some answers

1. Where am I going and with whom? Who are you traveling with?

Ndola, Zambia to partner with Hope Community School with Spark Ventures, with twelve travelers from the USA meeting us there in total.

Sharon Kozek, Owner/Founder of LPP, fearless leader

Alyson Marguerat, Director of LPP- Germania, thoughtful, truth teller

Jamie TIller, Director of Science Programming and Accreditation, ray of sunshine

Myself, Laura Clemons Garland, Director of LPP- Belden, over-planner

2. What will we be doing on this trip?

Partnering with Spark Ventures and Hope Ministries in creating high-quality early childhood classrooms at Hope Community School. We will be bringing art supplies, manipulatives, finger plays, books and the core essentials necessary for the beginning of a play-based classroom. We will be doing observations and daily teacher training geared toward the implementation of our method of instruction and the best practices we use in our classrooms at LPP.

In addition, we will be given opportunities to see Ndola’s historic sites and experience the origins of Hope School & Hope House. These excursions with provide insight and context for us on the life and culture the children that attend Hope.

3. What am I nervous about? Honestly?

Traveling across the world! for 31 hours! What am I going to eat?! What about bugs?! What should I wear?! Am I going to adjust to time? Did I bring the right shoes? Should I have brought more granola bars?

4. What am I excited about?

Experiencing life outside my own. Making new friends. Deepening friendships. Doing as much good as I possibly can. Meeting the children. Embracing a new culture. Being in the moment.