Reading Group Recap – Day Four

On our last day at Hope, we wanted to share what we learned and our love of Zambian culture with our reading group partners. Following our reading hour, Miss Alyson embraced the Zambia tradition of story telling and telling proverbs. Without the help of illustrations, and through our trusty translator, Teacher Judy, Alyson did a spoken rendition of “Rainbow Fish”, an LPP favorite storybook about a beautiful fish who needs to learn to share his beautiful scales with others in order to be happy. The moral of the classic tale was shared: Life is lonely if we don’t share it with others. In keeping with that, we brought a variety of beautiful beads and pipe cleaners and challenged the students to create two bracelets: one for themselves, and one for someone else. It was a heart-opening experience to watch the children create with such care and share their hardwork with eachother, and with us. Many pipecleaner bracelets were worn home on our long flight home.