Reading Group Recap – Day Three

A favorite reading group memory for all of us was when we introduced a Weather Map + Snow Activity following our reading group hour. We began our lesson with a discussion on seasons, and how it’s winter at home in Chicago, and summer in Ndola. We looked at a map and talked about the equator, hemispheres and the variety of climates. Next, we introduced “play snow”, a powder that, with the addition of water, looks and feels just like the fluffiest snow imaginable. Watching Abel and Prosper, both in grade 6, experience snow for the first time, was so much fun. Abel’s laugh as he watched the snow grow with he addition of water, it was just this incredible, infectious energy and their excitement lit up the classroom.  The snow activity was followed up by the creation of fold-n-cut snowflakes. The expression of joy and laughter when they opened their folded snowflake creations for the first time was electric.