Meet Golden Akuti. He is smiling brightly for you in his white shirt.  If you had met Golden 7 months ago, when we traveled to Hope school for the first time, you would have met a very different child. On our first visit to Hope, the Preschool classrooms were only days old, and the children attending were not yet sure of exactly what to do or expect. Just as new students to LPP need lots of love and extra support, so did the children at Hope School.

In January, Golden was very cautious and often had a pout on his face during the day. He seemed very unsure of what were doing there, pretty grumpy at times, and had not yet adjusted to the idea of being at school. During our morning visits, he found a safe space on Ms. Sharon’s lap where he would watch what we were doing at circle time, but he was not quite ready to engage in play.

When we returned in July, I was blown away by the light that was now in this childs’ eyes. I could not even believe it was the same little friend who we met in January. In just a few months, the impact of being in a safe, nurturing and engaging classroom environment, had transformed Golden into a curious, excited and eager little boy.  It was an instant -indicator to me that the work at Hope school is helping children grow in so many ways, and that the opportunity to be in school, in Preschool,  and the opportunity to learn through play, is an incredible one. I can’t wait to see Golden again one day.

post by Alyson Marguerat