Following a successful first trip to Zambia in January, I was thrilled at the opportunity to return in July with one of our Pre-K teachers from LPP-Webster. Our goals this visit were a bit different, but our excitement and experience was just as grand. It was incredible to see the progress that has been happening at Hope School over the past 6 months, especially with the addition of the new Preschool classrooms.  Children who were hesitant and unsure on our first visit, were all smiles and full of eagerness this visit. The joy they get from being at school, learning and playing with friends, eating a warm meal, and being with teachers who care for and nurture them, is profound. Their confidence is growing, their curiosity for knowledge is being engaged and their joyfulness is abundant. It reinforces for me one of the core values of LPP, that all children, no matter their zip code, deserve access to high quality early education. And that if given the opportunity, all children can reach their fullest potential.  The warmth and generosity of this school community and city, once again filled my heart with gratitude and appreciation for the work I am blessed to be able to do each day.

post by Alyson Marguerat