Reading Partner time at Hope School is a wonderful opportunity for Spark travellers to spend one on one time with a student each day. This relationship is so impactful for the students and travellers alike. On my January visit, Perry and I became fast friends and I was thrilled to learn that my reading partner would once again be Perry on my July visit. Before our official reading partner time began, Perry stopped by one of the preschool classrooms in the morning to give me a quick smile and wave. When is was time for reading partner activities, just as in January, he was eager to pick out a book and read.  I was proud of the progress he had made and it was easier for us to converse in English this time. He told me about a soccer trophy that he won and his teacher shared that he is doing very well in school. Perry is also contributes greatly to school celebrations and activities by playing the drums. I was amazed by his talents, and my heart fills with pride for the young man he is becoming.

post by Alyson Marguerat