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Identifying High Quality Preschools

Chicago is a great city to grow up in.  Parks, friendly neighborhoods, museums, and schools abound.   So many preschool choices for families can often make the decision process daunting.  Research indicates that well-designed preschool programs will produce long-term improvements in school success, including higher achievement test scores and higher educational attainment. (more…)

Once Upon A Time

Children’s author Emilie Buchwald wrote, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”.  The cumulative and growing research on early literacy would include ‘the laps of their teachers’ too.  The more we know more about literacy development and acquisition the more we appreciate the role of early childhood environments in growing early literacy skills. (more…)

Beyond the Playground

As warm weather approaches, the great outdoors seems to beckon children and parents alike. Slides, swings, and climbing structures welcome summer play with open arms, and parents enjoy watching their children release energy freely. While playground equipment is engaging for a time, it can quickly become dull when used in the same manner everyday. Below are some ways to make outside time more enjoyable and allow parents to be active participants in the excitement of summer while strengthening their child’s development. (more…)

A Blank Canvas

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”.  A process-based art experience ensures that every child has the opportunity to express themselves in unrestricted ways.  Process based art focuses on the process of creating art rather than the product. LPP Education Director Jamie Tiller writes, “Process art allows children to be free.  In a world with so many rules, process art gives children freedom to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions without fear of being right or wrong. It allows them to be true and honest, which brings out brilliant confidence and creativity.” (more…)