COVID Protocol

Lincoln Park Preschool and Kindergarten provides a warm, nurturing, and engaging atmosphere, which is why we’ve placed a high priority on our health and safety guidelines.


Personal Responsibilities

Conduct Daily At-Home Health Screenings

Monitor your family for symptoms.

Practice healthy Behavior Outside of School

Please wear masks and social distance when appropriate

Stay Home When Sick

Unsure of what steps to take when experiencing symptoms? Please follow the guidance on page 7 of the CDPH Decision Tree
LPP only accepts PCR tests

Adhere to Local Safety Guidelines


Report Illness, Travel, & Exposures

Email LPP directors to report any out of state travel, symptoms of COVID-19 for any unvaccinated person in your household, and any potential exposure to a positive COVID-19 case

Travel: Follow CDC and Chicago City Guidance

States to Avoid When Traveling 
CDC Guidance
Domestic Travel: When traveling to orange states on the Chicago Travel Advisory, please get a PCR test for any unvaccinated persons (children included) 3-5 days upon return or quarantine for 10 days
International Travel: Please get a PCR test for any unvaccinated persons (children included) 3-5 days upon return AND quarantine for 7 full days after travel while symptom free

Prioritizing the safety of our community

Safety Measures at LPP


Teachers wear masks throughout the day indoors and face shields during circle time. Students are highly encouraged to wear masks indoors.


Students clean their hands upon arrival and throughout the day. Toys are sanitized after each use.

Air Purification

Each school is equipped with air purification systems.


Dividers are used in order to protect unmasked children. All food is individually portioned.


At unmasked naptimes, students are placed 6 feet apart or protected by dividers.

Limited Visitors

Anticipated Fall 2021:
Parents will be allowed for pick up inside the facility, at the classroom entryway. Please limit your time within the space to under 15 minutes.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

Students use indoor and outdoor shoes to keep our students as healthy as possible.


100% of our staff has received their COVID-19 vaccine to date.

Thank you to our neighboring school, Francis W Parker, for inspiration on this page