Preschool With A Purpose

Curriculum in action

The LPP Foundation supports child-centered organizations around the globe and across Chicago. At LPP, we believe all children deserve access to high quality early education. Our aim is to put our hearts, minds, and hands together as we work towards a brighter future for all children, both those inside our classrooms and globally. For more information on all of our partnerships in philanthropy, please email [email protected].

One of the core values of LPP since the very beginning is the belief and intention that all children no matter their zip code deserve access to high quality early education. We strongly believe that all children have potential yet not all children are given opportunity. LPP places a high value on having a heart and intentions to care for orphaned and vulnerable children both locally and globally. LPP is excited to launch Preschool With A Purpose, a blog and digital scrapbook of our travels and humanitarian efforts, from the point of view of our staff. We hope you will take a moment to explore some our recent endeavors.